Gift cards bought and wondering about love

Wondering is because I’m here with him still does that show a love worth anything, or is it me making my everything or is it both.

I am learning to heal, learning to take care of myself. Drink more water, relax.. enjoy the few breath’s I have here on Earth painting my house.

Making a room for myself.

Focusing on my goals, making him breakfast, doing our family thing..

Hugging him, asking about his day, praying for him even when I know countless times I prayed for him to die as well?

Does that show love?

Us working on different ideas to pay down our debt.

Sometimes is it a defeatist attitude to say I’ve made my bed now just make the most of it?

Is that all I could do just the same if we parted ways.

I saw on FB a 92yr old singing to his dying wife it was too sweet. I still believe in that. I wrote to Charles  in an email I didn’t send that I still believe in couples who are committed to each other and believe in hard work, where love isn’t questioned but felt abundantly

Sometimes I wonder if I just like chasing pipe dreams..

Just things I’m thinking about today..


2 thoughts on “Gift cards bought and wondering about love

  1. The question to ask yourself, would you be happier with or without him. Even if we leave, the affair is still there. Just a thought, take care, hugs from Joan

    • Oh Joan I don’t know.. both options seems hard and I think I’d be miserable raising our kiddos without him because we raise kiddos well as a team.. As a couple I think we both stink.. Thanks Joan getting ready for pumpkin everything I am!! ❤

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