Sometimes the sadness

I wonder as the anger subsides and accepting what has happened and what is happening 

That how much I have been angry all my life that if the sadness comes 

Will it come for me like the suicidal tendency to stab myself?

I don’t feel it will ever get that far again I appreciate my life so much more now

But what will the sadness look like?

I am afraid

I should know shouldn’t I at least what to expect from myself but I don’t 

Maybe tomorrow I will know..

Making cinnamon rolls

Maybe that will help


3 thoughts on “Sometimes the sadness

  1. I would describe it as grief. I felt overwhelmed by the sadness and hopelessness and I would have done anything to make it stop. What I can tell you is it is a process you need to go through. However painful. You will come out the other side feeling better able to cope I promise. When I first started writing on here I was told to give in to the sadness instead of trying to fight it and honestly it was the best advice I was ever given (bless you Janelle). Sending you love x

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