Looking too far ahead

Sometimes I think of my 25th anniversary or just think if we stay married and think about on average how long Charles will live..

Let’s say he lives to be what 80 I think he will die earlier than that.. but let’s say he beats the odds.

So if he dies at 80 and I live that long..

55 years..

Would I be happy at 55 years of marriage?

I know I rack my brain with foolish things today..

This morning I thought of Kendra, of Bob and then I was like


My life has moved on and it really did until I mentioned them right now..

But I wonder if moving on is like stretching.. and as I become better at not just talking about things and move on to the doing..

That practice of making sure my brain remembers.. uh.. darling? gorgeous? there is no use in thinking about that, them.

What are you doing today?

What are your goals today?

And more importantly what brings you joy and how can we make that happen more and more??

Yeah I talk to myself and call us “we”…

All in good fun of course..

Also I found a nail polish by O.P.I that I Pinned years ago called Samoan sand and it was discarded by a customer who left it on one of those impulse shelves at WalMart. I was going to so get it!! but it was $9 dollars.. and I agreed with the customer who left it there to begin with..

I seem to be learning to miss what I had less and less.. small steps I suppose.

Well I am getting rid of unnecessary items in the home and thrift store shopping.. plan on taking the whole family.. The circle of my thrift shop life to drop off things and possibly pick up more things 🙂 I suppose there are worse hobbies..

Day 1 1/2 of gluten free and feeling good..

I usually do.. but like Paula says Cinnamon rolls fix everything and I make some mean rolls so I think on occasion they are worth it..

Maybe in a few weeks I will make some..

As you can tell I am all over the place today..

Happy Saturday everyone



4 thoughts on “Looking too far ahead

  1. 25th anniversary? Mine was spent with me working at the golf course and Loser deciding to go to Denmark to play in a golf tournament. Ce la vie.
    And yes….LOL…you are all over the page but you made me laugh out loud a couple of times, so keep on! Happy Saturday to you as well. 🙂

  2. Yes, cinnamon rolls. BE just requested them two nights ago. I said, what the heck. They were a delicious and naughty treat after taking care of his broken ass for the past week and a half. Cheers to 2016, NH! ❤

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