Eating my cookies :)

He used to make me caked for my birthday he did it once without affair and twice with.

So fucking don’t bake me a cake.

Anyways back to the present last month I said he should make me some cookies.

And he did. Not very tasty ones.. but he did.

They weren’t bad and now since I’m gluten free.. I’ve been craving cake or cookies..

Haven’t made a gluten-free cake yet..

When I went to take the girls to a girl scout meeting, I told him I’m in the mood for cookies you should make me some. I didn’t expect cookies, I really didn’t. I was just saying in passing. I really planned on making my own later.

He made like a double batch of gluten-free peanut butter cookies and I like these cookies..

But I was surprised and happy.

The first time it seemed as if he was impressing me. The second time… was like wait a minute are you actually tuning into my wants?

Simple wants.

He’s cooking, he’s baking, he’s more patient and fun.. like a-lot more fun, and while the crazy has gone for the most part today.

I think it’s hard to bite my tongue and not say “You are so much better than that jerk-face during and before affair!”

Because I suppose it’s just would ruin the mood.

So I eat my cookies, smile, and say thank you 🙂





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