So gluten free I thought would help me lose weight since I’m eating less..

Ugh.. big fat no.. your girl here hates feeling hungry..

Anyways so I’m all confident..

I step on the scale..

Don’t laugh.. I gained like 2 lbs..

Ok laugh it’s okay I did..

I told Charles I would start counting calories again today and I have.

Haven’t been back to see my doc because lab bills are a fortune.. and by fortune I mean like 100 bucks a pop..

And NH says no thanks right now.. we’ve got to get caught up financially..

I’m not in any dire sitch though.. I mean they just want to monitor my blood platelets.. and I’m not doing anything like hockey, or roller derby so I’m good.

Doc visits can continue later

Anyways this morning measured my cheerios (yup their gluten free I didn’t even know that) because your pal can pack those away like they are Oreos.. one vice for another I’m so good at the food game!!

Also thought about Charles and Kendra in the car at WalMart.. and so wanted to hate on Charles for jeopardizing our livelihood, but thought that idea does not get me closer to God.

And it didn’t and doesn’t

So I smiled rolled out of bed.. and am planning on my fitness regiment.

Off to get ready for church..



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