Accomplishing the little things..

Sewing Bell’s bear

Fixing Emily’s fabric fan

Sewing the boy’s button on his boy scout uniform

Bell got a barrette from a classmate that was broken so I told her I could fix it.. I tore that ribbon off and hot glue gunned the ribbon to a barrette that worked..

Accomplishing the little things.

I pretty much finished the Mark Driscoll book. I don’t want to waste anymore time on it.

I don’t have the mental capacity to try and rewrite what Charles and I stand for or want.

I’m not at that stage.. will I ever be not sure..

But I feel accomplished

Tomorrow I look forward to vaccuuming and mopping my floor..

Planning out how to start making my countertops.

I know it’s accomplishing the little things.

He got home today and we smile at each other. I wish he felt comfortable with me staring at him. Because sometimes I just stare because I think of what I feel when I look at him.

Very rarely is it disgust.. I mean I can get my mind all sorts of worked up but just seeing him after he’s gotten home.

When he serves me pizza.. I know I puttered out on my gluten free and I feel sluggish.. bleh… but so what I had a cheat day..

The headache came after I left my girlfriend’s house who made me cinnamon rolls..

How could I say.. oh you made these for me?? Well I’m gluten free now.. soo..

Sure I could have said a myriad of things to get me out of tasting those sweet buns.. but oh how they were like pillows in my mouth..

And then I was like screw it I’m all about gluten today..

I know I’m going to have to fight the laziness tomorrow as it will kick in..

But I can’t let it.

The more I stay on top of my house the more time I can have with my kids.. just dorking around..

Making origami..

I would like to do that tomorrow

Make origami with my girls..

And that is worth my time..

Thought I might make Zumba but tomorrow is therapy day so no Zumba.. I look forward to trying and making it next week..

Oh and I just opened another book it’s called Breathing or learning to breathe

Comes with a CD and all.. so I’m going to try that before I go to bed.. to unwind..

I’m on page 27 it seems pretty good..

I want to learn to get my body to relax.

Missed my coffee date with God while I pray I stretch as well..

Was visiting with my Dad and picked up his prescriptions..

I find I’m not strongly attached to Charles in seeing him today. I hug him because I think I probably need a hug. I haven’t had physical touch in awhile..

But it’s gone lately.. I don’t really want to touch him, or spend time with him. And I hugged him and we kissed it just felt empty.

It feels awkward but I think this is just apart of this process after affair.

Finding our way with ourselves and then maybe together.

I just got my bible study in regards to The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller

So I will check that out when I go to the library next.

I also want to start reading “My Spouse Isn’t the Person I Married”

Listened to Samoan language YouTube classes while I was sewing..

I’m liking maximizing my time like that..





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