Making him a crossword puzzle

I need to stop..

See I have this strange thing where I thought I should have written him letters or wrapped little notes or candy for him and stuffed them in his bag.

I looked up how to bless someone online and making a crossword sounded fun..

Something I could do and he could get and make him happy..


Because in doing a million words and crossword clues I am getting angry.

I think I ate every piece of candy in my house too.

Yeah the crazed NH is soon to show her ugly head..

Anyways.. I stopped the crossword puzzle maybe I’ll finish it maybe not..

But it does not put me in a good mood to do that for him..

I’m going to brush my teeth watch some Dr. Ken and go to bed..

Also my toilet will not stop running so I have to replace the hose and valve..

yeah me 🙂


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