Taking myself out for Valentines Day..

I think I want to plan a date for myself..

Just me and my wifi LOL!!.. no but seriously.. me and a good book.. my phone..

I wonder if I will completely bomb at it..

I wonder if I will do anything at all.

But it does excite me to celebrate with myself, alone..

I want to be amongst the lover’s those who are spending time with their valentine..

Because if I do happen to go out alone.. it will only mean that I am my own valentine πŸ™‚

I’m with the valentine of my dreams of my life..

I think my younger version would be quite displeased with how my love life has turned out to be..

However screw her and her judgements after all she is the one that fell for an asshat to begin with and didn’t take care to love herself more.

I want to learn more about me.. what do I really enjoy.. because I think if I do stay in this marriage..

I will be one of those women who just travel alone, or with a friend maybe. That celebrating my 20th anniversary or whatever.. will not mean as much as celebrating my kids accomplishments or my own..

Things to think about as I clean my pigsty and listen to “Break every Chain” πŸ™‚




8 thoughts on “Taking myself out for Valentines Day..

  1. I’m thinking about swallowing half a bottle of pills and sleeping through it. It’s a hard one for me.
    Hope you have a wonderful one.
    Wouldn’t you love to be able to go back in time and slap yourself a couple of times and say “what the hell are you doing?”

    • I don’t know.. I think I was too hard on myself back then so slapping me would probably not have gone over well.. But wine does sound lovely.. I have a bottle.. thanks for the reminder and sorry about VD being a hard one for you.. if anything it’s a pretty lame day I means it’s initials are a STD.. πŸ™‚ It always has been lame for us we never celebrated because I didn’t like doting touches of affection and he thought it a marketing ploy.. we were and still are so F*ing weird LOL!!..

  2. I swear I’m not a bottle guzzler, but for some reason I read wine instead of pills.. That’s so silly of me.. you mention bottle and my brain just thinks wine..

    Wine isn’t terrible I never drank til I was 21 so my taste to liquor took awhile but I’m all about a muscato..

  3. Once when BE was off traveling over Valentine’s Day (don’t even know if he was with the OW or not, don’t remember, don’t care), I took my boys to a lovely fondue restaurant for dinner. We loved it. They will always be my special little Valentine’s. Dipping the pound cake and strawberries in the chocolate dessert fondue was divine. We had a blast. Since you have so many (kiddos) and you are with them all the time, I totally understand going out by yourself. I hope you do it. I hope you have a blast!!! ❀

    • I love that maybe we will just put on a great Valentine’s Day for them too. I want to go to this spelling bee in Friday night so maybe will just do something with the kids. I’m so silly the thought never dawned on me to put on a party for the kids!!

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