Putting a party on for kids..

Hmm.. not sure what we will do..

Maybe pizza

Charles and I bought them boxes of chocolate with Itunes cards attached to them.

I’ve done spent all of the money until next payday so I’m trying to wing things until then.

Which brings me to a whole new level of that we are almost out of debt again so working with what I have makes me happy..

And excited.. because usually when I spend the least amount of money.. it’s the best ever..


May just stay up all night playing board games with kids and put Squish to bed.

I would like to do a few decorations with them..

Maybe no need to stress about decorations..

The week seems to be going by slow

And I keep thinking about prepping for the spelling bee on Sat night..

And figuring out what I will wear.

Charles and I are not talking much because we just don’t do phone convo well, he texts and I text, but I’m not a really good texter, so I’m not sure how things will go between us but I’m not too stressed about it.

I’m curious.. but not enough to fret.. I mean I pretty much handled all there is to a marriage now. There is nothing Charles can do to surprise me in marriage anymore.. not even death.. so there’s that..

Here’s to the day everyone Squish has woken up 2 mornings in a row at about 3am just ready for the day.. and she’s messing with my sleep!! AWWWW..





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