Better and Cleaning Up

Cleaning up my blog. probably getting rid of the experiments page or call it something entirely different

Will be cleaning the kitchen tomorrow

And geesh all the dam complaining about Charles and my wonderful brain on overload..

How am I getting better?

My resin came in so will definitely be playing with that.

Thinking about sending the boy to KS for his 8th grade year.

Since his parents are such idiots.. but mostly to be with people who love him and want the best for him.

I think time away might do him some good. But who knows would I be able to live without him for a whole school year and then jet off to American Samoa?

Not sure.

Anyways.. how am I getting better?

Sometimes the question posed to me and I’m not sure..

We were invited to a newly made pal’s house and it was fun. The kids had fun.

They are all crashed out now.

Oh how I love them all so very much.

I’m still not sure what to do with them on Sunday.

Talking to Charles is very hit or miss because of him working so much.

The kids miss him a lot.

More than I think they realize..

They really want to go swimming. I may take them tomorrow at $3 a person.. good grief that $15 and I don’t even have swim diapers.

I may need to go get some..

But anyways getting better..

I swear I used to think that everyone had it better than me when I was little. I envied those with houses. Those with careers. Those who are not married.

But as it seems to turn out everyone has a story that will make you cry..

Even those who don’t the fact that they don’t have a story is sad too.

I suppose in dealing with the whatever that is between Charles and I, I forget that.

That all of us are broken from something.

That I’m not the only one hurting among those I walk beside.

And no one needs to know anymore, at least for now that I’m dealing with the grief of a lost marriage.

Why I can be so bitter and harsh at times in dealing with Charles.

How I want to grow from that.

Here’s to tomorrow.

❤ NH


2 thoughts on “Better and Cleaning Up

  1. That is what I have realized through all of this. Everyone seems to have a sad story especially as it pertains to the end of a marriage. So many broken people are walking amongst us because another human being usually as broken them. I would rather be the broken one than the one capable of breaking another and then intentionally doing that.

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