Since where I live is pretty touristy..

There are a boatload of jobs coming up decent pay..

And hey I need to make it to American Samoa..

So I’ll be applying.

I’m sure it’s terrible to doubt myself.. because they want your last 10 yr.. work history and this year..

Concludes that I have not held a JOB in 10 yrs..

So going to have to see if my resume will maybe help me along.

The job is no longer than 6 months and it’s working alongside the water..

For over $20 an hour.. is that rent money?? No.. divorce money Nope.. but it is vacation money..

However it’s got me to thinking how I need to finish a degree any degree.. I mean I have 124 credit hours in all sorts of things..

I’m not sure if I’ll tell Charles that I’m going to apply..

Maybe if I get an interview I’ll tell him..

If not, then.. I’ll just let it go..

These kinds of situations make me feel weird about what I should do.

Because before affair.. I would tell him everything..


If he knows fine, if he doesn’t fine.

But I want to be with someone who wants to know about me.. I want to be with someone who cares about what I’m doing?

And can Charles do that if I’m not giving him anything to work with?

I don’t know..

I don’t think I need to give him anything to work with..

But I’ll think on that idea some more..

Till Next Time. .

❤ NH


2 thoughts on “Job..

  1. It’s interesting that these men never seem to be interested in what you think or are doing but they want your undivided attention when they want to talk about themselves. I stopped giving Loser any information years ago. He only started being “interested” after I left him. It wouldn’t have made any difference if I HAD told him anything….he wouldn’t have remembered it….he was too busy thinking about himself.

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