I miss you

I miss looking at you and feeling wonderful so gosh darn happy to know while we were not best friends we could count on each other.

I miss just looking at you and remembering our history and being proud we were making our lives work together the sacrifices we made for this family matter

I miss never wanting to let go. I always could hug you and want to just be in your arms so snug so safe

This little exercise is making me cry 

I hope one day it won’t 

I’m not that resilient Paula I guess.

I’m sad 

I really wanted that job

Just to feel apart I guess..

I miss not feeling alone being married of course I felt alone numerous times but deep down I knew he was for me. I miss that.

Okay okay I’m shaking it off wiping the tears to go watch blended


3 thoughts on “I miss you

  1. Hey dude! I ain’t that resilient! I used to be. Not so much anymore. And I mourn ALL of those things – and so many more – too. Cry it out. I often do. Sometimes you just need to let the buildup go. Scratch that. OFTEN you need to let the pain out. Just a shame it is never a permanent cleansing x.

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