Safe places

Sometimes I forget that what Charles and I have is not safe.

I easily get distracted while potty training Squish, crock-potting tacos and wings.

Separate crockpots of course.

That this relationship between him and I is not safe for me right now.

Will it ever be? I don’t know.

I suppose what made me think of this is that he had kept an email from years ago turning down his friends at the time wife..

So he has it in him to turn someone down just when it comes to Bob and I.. well didn’t really matter

Almost 2 years since my life changed and I trust Charles with our finances, our kids, this home

But do I trust him to do right by me in this relationship? No I do not.

And then I’m remembered this relationship is not safe and that’s okay for now.

I need some time to breathe, been taking Squish out daily rain or shine and it’s been good for me to do that.

Turns out I like getting out of my house alot more than I thought..

Here’s to another day..

Oh and I have to proof-read my sons manuscript that he wrote. I’m kind of dreading it because I’m tough on papers, I suppose I’m tough on many things..

But I will get that done today..

Happy Thursday everyone..

❤ NH


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