Yesterday I was so angry.. but I have to say I’ve been angry..

Freaking out..

Another cheated spouse told me to watch during my periods.

I never watched before and this was back in the months of D-Days

And wouldn’t you know I was spotting yesterday.

I did tell Charles my issue about the besties wife and that I wasn’t coming to see him with Squish because I was mad.

Well Squish woke up from her nap and was like I’m ready to see Dad.

Ugh.. she just wouldn’t drop it..

So we did.

And he smiled.

I smiled. We passed a woman selling baked goods and I bought goods without an eyeroll or how the food will probably be crap anyway. Your pal loves a bake sale..

I told Charles I’m on my period and I think that’s why I’ve been on a rampage. Day before yesterday I was just having it out with all of our kids!

We walk to the store and I get garlic I needed it for my slow cooker wings. I bought garlic we get in  line and then I forgot I wanted M&M’s.

So I get out of line and get M&M’s almond, peanut butter, plain, and peanut

Charles doesn’t bat an eye.

He also ordered a spice rack for me, because my spice cabinet has been driving me crazy.

I asked him if he could fix where I put my brooms and mops.. done..

All ordered on Amazon..

And this guys is a kicker.. I posted on FB a few weeks ago how I want to learn how to sew and all the pals posted..

Anyways.. so Charles messaged me yesterday with sewing machines for sale

This maybe little guys.. but it’s huge to me. It’s like he’s helping me accomplish tasks I want to happen.

It’s crazy having a husband like this, when I didn’t have one before.

He’d blow off my requests off, not care what my interests are, not help me finish tasks..

He would be so damn pissy..

Because I swear to you guys I would have put off the spice cabinet for years.. probably.. I would get mad at my spices and throw them in my kitchen after I had enough of them falling on me when I opened the cabinet, I would then Pinterest to find a spice rack I like, then think I could make it, making it would fail miserably, and then I’d be mad again..

so now I have a spice rack that seems to work for me for now.

I have a working fan in our bathroom that when I’m talking to my Mom in there doesn’t sound like a helicopter is in there with me.

He built the girl’s bed but the popcorn ceiling is irritating the oldest because the popcorn ends up in her bed when the girls are goofing around.

So he’s wanting to fix that this weekend.

We are talking to each other about projects.. it’s quite fascinating..

I told him so yesterday.

I also asked him “Is this hard, being so patient, so understanding?

I mean it must be difficult for him.

His response “To do the right thing? It is a little. But I want to. ” as he hugged me tighter.

ahh.. I have to say I swooned.. just a bit..

just a bit..

I wonder since Monday I’ve been getting out of the house everyday to get air.. must be the fresh air getting to my head. Turns out I kind of like the outdoors and fresh air a little bit..

just a bit.. 🙂




3 thoughts on “Swooning..

  1. He’s trying! You’re right to be cautious, but doesn’t it must feel good to be loved. Because that’s what everything you listed is an example of — him actively loving you 😄.

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