Being sick

Gosh I have been sick the past couple of days and have been so well taken care of..

Don’t laugh because Charles is not my indentured servant by any means.

I found him always asking me “Do you need anything?”

Which was superhelpful being so sick..

But now that I am getting better.. you know you’re on the mend if you can find time to blog 🙂

He asked if I needed anything while I was responding to a comment. I said no I’m just going to get some water in a bit.

And you know what guys? I got a glassful of water with ice and a straw!

I know it’s the little things..

Last night we were invited by our son to come up to his youth conference he would  get extra points for his team if we came.

We don’t get many invites from our son so we all made it.

And all of  us had a good time. The worship, prayer, and sermon was great. Since I’m missing church today I was glad to get refreshed.

Anyways when we came home he put kiddos to bed, made snacks, and were getting ready to watch the Walking Dead.

As we were waiting for the pizza in the oven I told him somedays I’m like how could I forget the children we are raising for God’s glory. The passion they have to love and serve others that this family is so important? Of course this marriage is going to work! and then somedays I’m like we are not going to make it. There is no way I could stay in this marriage any longer..

Charles just smirks and says I don’t know why you even think like that?

Poor guy.. sometimes I have sympathy for being that emotionally dull.

Because sometimes you guys I think the pain will be gone of being married to a cheater if I am no longer married to one.

Kendra is still there but in distant memories that are shoved aside for more interesting women. Women who are meant to be in my life. That sick side show named Kendra has no place in my future.

And I wonder if leaving Charles will make that pain disappear as well. Just like the pain of having a backstabber for a best friend. How I trusted that wretch with my babies. The pain subsides and brings new memories, new friends, and a new outlook on things.

I think it’s sad Charles doesn’t understand, or maybe he does and doesn’t verbalize it.

UGH.. time to order a new keyboard the keys keep getting stuck!

Well here’s to having some bible time and smiling.. the sun is out.. going to get showered and dressed maybe can be a beach day.



2 thoughts on “Being sick

  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon & I personally think the pain would still be there even if you leave, but that’s just my opinion, which is pretty cloudy on a lot of my days! X O Joan

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