I shouldn’t have ate the pint of coffee ice cream

These are the times where I wonder if blogging about my life on here is good or not.

Because one day if my children find it what do I want them to know.

And I use this blog for many outlets.

Like tonight I am up way too late and am going to regret my sad sad decision.

But I loved every minute eating ice cream and watching Sherlock Holmes with my boy.

My big precious boy.

I hold him and am in awe of how big he is. What a heart he has.

I cannot believe I am so blessed to be his Mom. Truly.. truly blessed..

And back to the marriage

Today Charles and I discussed punishments for cheaters in different states.

It’s nice knowing I could have prosecuted them both under Kansas law.

Sure thousands of dollars in court.

My husband might have lost his job and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be married anymore if all of that went down.

I fully support more legal action against cheaters.

Charles and I had a great discussion about that and it’s the kind of conversations I wish I had when meeting him. Because we have such different views.

We probably would have walked away from each other quicker than we got married if we had those type of conversations.

But it didn’t happen so here we are. We are learning about each other and how we don’t agree on pretty big topics abortion, politics, religion

Yes we believe in the same God but it seems are theologies differ and it’s interesting, exciting, new, and spooky..

Yes.. spooky because he’s all you believe that? and I’m all you think that?

Huh.. hmm.. silence for a bit.

No attacks mostly shock at first and then thought

which to me is great. I love these conversations didn’t think I’d be having them with my husband at 16 years of knowing him but here they are

Maybe it’s a way to acceptance..

Anyways I need to get some sleep or I’m going to be DOOMED tomorrow..

But tonight was lovely spending time with my boy.

He’s back my little boy is back.. he’s not so angry anymore..

And it’s so nice laughing with him..

Oh and I think I know where I want apply and try to get a degree in Social Science majoring in psychology. Yeah I think I’d make a great counselor 🙂 Maybe? I would probably have to be in school for a year and 1/2 to finish a degree I hope it’s sooner but might as well start sending the transcripts in. That takes forever and like $100 dollars for 8 colleges..

And I want to starting a running club called “We kind of want to run” club.. LOL!

I really do think God is calling me to run.. but small not like 5k run.. just for me to exercise and technically for me it would be kind of a gallop..




2 thoughts on “I shouldn’t have ate the pint of coffee ice cream

  1. If I were closer I would definitely join your “We kind of want to run” club. LOL Seriously though if you’re thinking about running I highly recommend the Couch to 5K program. I did it about 5 years ago and it was great. Aside from the bursitis in my knee I didn’t have any soreness because it moves at a fairly slow pace. I just remember asking my running partner, “Did you ever think when we first began and were huffing and puffing to run the 90 seconds that we’d be running 3 freaking miles at once?”

    Those sons are really something, aren’t they? I have one of each. Last night my teen who towers over me sat on the couch, let me wrap my arm around his neck and watched the ABC comedies with me. I was in mama heaven. I told him the other day, “I think you’ve grown even more!” and he replied, “Yeah, I probably have, but I’ll always be your little boy.” I love that boy!

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