The full armor of God

Is it just me but why are some bible studies so darn expensive?

I wanted to study more about the full armor of God.

And well guess I will just stick to my bible because I’m not spending $70 plus bucks on her vide 

 os and book and that is just for me people if I want DVDs sans book it’s going for $70 plus shipping on eBay with 12 bidders

I look for other studies in the mean time 

Besides Bible studies I feel stronger lately 

And I’m not working out at all or running.

I’m sure I will start soon because I can just feel it’s going to happen. The only way I can explain it is say I want a cake or coffee the urge is there and I accomplish this task.

I figure out a way, pick the item, consume it all of that takes energy and an amount of pleasure. I am starting to feel that way about exercise.

I feel my life changing. 

Maybe it’s the desire to pray more and pursue God fervently because without him I would have ended up on snapped and in jail.

Some would say I might deserves such a cheater for a husband how messed up I am. Because I truly desired to take them both out either by my own hands or prayed for God to take them out. 

I know God doesn’t work that way just lost my ability to be strong for awhile.

But I’d like to say I’m stronger today, smiling more, de-cluttering more, and finding my way without Charles but with him for now.

That book Imperfect Harmony is pretty darn interesting 

Lately I’ve been thinking about if I stay with Charles the marriage I won’t have and grieve that.

The book recommends that.

It was interesting because I’ve thought the opposite for such a long time.

Until after affair happened that things could change in my marriage, that my husband loved me and we could get through anything

It’s not true. I am upset I have an adulterer for a husband. I will not have a faithful husband if I continue this marriage with Charles and it breaks my heart. But to actually assess the things I will not have in a marriage and grieve over them because I married Charles.

I most likely if I stay will always have an adulterer for a husband, a man who rarely cooks, a musician, a man who rarely sees he operates on double standards unless he sees it happening to him.

And I’m not being hateful or spiteful it just is what it is 

If Charles stays married to me he will most likely always have a non navigating, passionate, loud, will fight for a cause wife 

And the book talks about grieving that. Know those are givens and shove that off to make space for me. The things I like.

Haven’t finished the book but should soon 

Talks about affairs as well

Well that’s life for today off to play little people princesses with Squish found the castle and snow White House with all these princesses for $25 at a garage sale I couldn’t say no 


Don’t make fun that I mention declutter and bought a million plastic princesses all in one post 

The castle makes all the princesses sing it’s so cool 

Till next time 



4 thoughts on “The full armor of God

  1. I had no idea bible stuff cost so much money. I’d stick with the Bible (if I was inclined to still be on good terms with God.) I, personally could never stay in a marriage with a cheating husband. Once a cheater….always a cheater. Loser proved that time and time again…even cheating on his tramps with his wife. What a pig!

    • It is so true once a cheater always a cheater
      Charles says he’s changing and never wants to do that again
      Do I believe him no I do not

      But what we have now works and really lately I’m enjoying what we are doing

      I don’t know if I agree to generalize all cheaters saying they will cheat again

      However I stand firm that my husband will always be an adulterer to me.

      If he stays faithful or not

      Can’t take cheating back in marriage this isn’t Monopoly 😊

      • What ever works for you….is your choice and if you’re comfortable with it, nobody has the right to judge you. I understand what you mean about him always being an adulterer…..and nope….he can’t take that back.

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