Nude pics

See I had a little slider phone when the whole affair went down 

Charles was like addicted to his smartphone ever since he got one 

I thought him lame like a sad person who is attached to their phone this was even before affair 

Then affair happened and I had to see what the fuck the both of them had to offer 

And I guess sending nude pics without their faces was a thing between them what a bunch of cowards

If you are worried about those pictures getting out you really shouldn’t be sending them and the trust level to whoever has them is pretty slim

Funny you never think you will see your best friends nudy pic to her lover who is your husband 

I looked at it stared for awhile and just thought hmm.. What a loser this is what is fun to you..

So sad people pretend they are interesting and don’t want others to lie and deceive them.

Same people who would call the cops and claim insurance when they are robbed 

Crazy to me 

Anyays was going to hop in the shower and thought about sending husband a nudy pic 

And it seemed icky so I stopped (I got a smartphone beginning 2015 forgot to mention that) 

I told him so too I probably would have had fun texting him sexy pics 

Funny thing he said he was sad that my thought reminded me of them and when I wanted to do something nice for him it was ruined

Am I sick but just because I’m sending a nudy pic doesn’t mean It’s meant for something nice for you. 

I just happen to think I look amazing and wanted to share and be frisky

Also sad I’m thinking who should I share nudy pics with then? LOL 

Not him that is for dam sure

But whatever no pics necessary to know how bad ass I am anyway.

I know who I belong to and what I stand for ❤️

Happy Tuesday a nice day in AK going to take the baby out and enjoy the sun 




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