Not bragging just what happened

2 meals this week for 2 families

1 a family with a new baby

1 a family who’s 2 year old just got out of ER

and then I took some gifts to our real estate office to thank them

it’s 1 year into our home and I appreciated all my real estate agents effort to get us into the home

That was this week and I feel darn good..

Not that I blessed anyone.

Although every person was very thankful and happy.

Cuz.. I’ve kinda got skillz in the kitchen LOL!

I’m blessed, to put all the teaching and mentoring I had in KS on hospitality and my faith.

I pray more about what I’m going to say. I’m not stressed cleaning my house, making meals for others, putting together gifts for others. Life’s not perfect but no being so hard on myself. Accepting that good things will come from mistakes.. for example the meal I was supposed to make today included strawberry shortcake with Safeways 5 dollar Friday deal on Strawberries.

There were no strawberries they didn’t get them in. Soooo.. no shortcake

Normally I would have flipped but Charles convinced me to just buy cream puffs and it was no big deal. Before big deal. I made a huge fuss over so many things being hard on myself.

Life is quite the adventure not beating yourself up over things I can’t control.


Charles and I are laughing more.

It seems when he’s not a dick he’s rather quite funny. And he smiles more than I’ve ever seen him smile.

I think getting a wake up call your an asshole kind of changes people.

Just like getting the wake up call that I was married to one.

We were laughing and a lady noticed us and said it’s so nice to see people laughing!

We were talking about our hypothetical grandkids

That’s why we were laughing.

Anyways all good things to report here.

The boy wanted to do a project at school to showcase entrepreneurship so he’s putting a booth together to sell the beach jewelry I’ve been learning to make.

He’s a great marketer and I’m looking forward to seeing where his talents will take him..

Anyways all good things to report today.

Beautiful day in AK and I made numerous people smile today.. including myself..

Here’s to the adventure..




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