Learning about yourself is hard work 

Growing up being hard on myself it focuses on all that I do 

Where can I get better what can I do more of ?

However changing that process is hard 

Harder than ever but it needed to happen I knew that before affair and after 

I didn’t want my kids following in my footsteps being so hard on themselves 

I never told the kids I was never good enough I just think They could feel that out 

Or more likely the more I was hard on myself I was hard on my kids 

Anyways this more vulnerable side of me getting to know myself is difficult 

More difficult than eating a whole cake 

More difficult than shopping or distracting myself with the Internet 

Ignoring my house, or ignoring my children. 

It’s more difficult to say what do I need right now? A break? Some water? To get some fresh air? 

What am I feeling?

Been asking myself that a lot lately.

And it’s been working it’s not easy but I feel it’s worth it. 

Going to get me another glass of water 

Here’s to the adventure



One thought on “Learning 

  1. I doubt your children think you were “never good enough.” I think we all feel that way sometimes…depending on where life has taken us. I used to apologize to my children for “not being a good mama.”
    They said “you have no idea what a good mom you were.”
    I’m sure your children see a wonderful mama. 🙂

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