The crazy..

Ugh.. today just was a pissy day..

I’ve been extremely pissy.. fussy..

Just unhappy..

took Squish for a walk we found a ball in some bushes and a pinwheel in a fence..

It was nice to get out.. to breathe the fresh air..

i never would have done that before all of this..

To learn what I need..

Even though I have overeaten more than I should.

I’m learning and growing though..

and hopefully not in pant sizes LOL!!

Seriously.. hopefully this project with the boy’s entrepreneurship project goes over well..

It’s a stressor on this house.

I need to pray for it not to be.

As for Charles and I.. that man is on fire.. he’s solving things for me quicker than when I even get to my problems or aggravations. I’ve just plain forgotten about things.. I could have just mentioned it and forgot about it.. but he didn’t..

It’s quite wild and super nice..

To be taken care of in that manner after almost 16 years of knowing someone turns out they can be a pretty awesome insightful person to the person they are married too..

Kind of blows me away because if this is an act.. it’s one HELL of an act..

Well it’s time to put the dishes in the dishwasher and head to bed..

Here’s to tomorrow

❤ NH


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