Going to the bathroom is self care don’t laugh too hard 

Okay I may be the only one who does this but I wait forever to use the restroom if it’s inconvenient for me or even if it’s not.

If I just am too busy to go or just dorking off.

So now as soon as I need to go I do.

No matter art project, book read, chore

I just do

It’s extremely irritating but as it should my body feels better and my mind isn’t as stressed at to when I’m holding it for whatever reason

So there’s that

Also finishing up Imperfect Harmony and I’ve got to say I adore the book so far haven’t got to the part about affairs and I chose not to start there like Owlie says do not like the affair bear

Great skill builder in the sense of exploring what my self care looks like and how I relate that to Charles

Tired Squish is up early and running a slight temp.

Doing well on the meal planning and making chicken soup perfect food for a rainy day.

Also saving money for that Samoa trip

Here’s to Thursday😊


3 thoughts on “Going to the bathroom is self care don’t laugh too hard 

  1. Women absolutely ruin their bladders…waiting to go to the restroom. Loser used to punish me that way….I would almost be crying but he wouldn’t stop.
    It’s good that you are going when you need to. When are you going to Samoa?

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