Bob’s moving..

How did I find out.. well my mother who doesn’t know is still friends with Bob’s mother on FB.

And then my mother asked me about another friend which we used to hang out with and she moved..

And then my Mother asked me about Kendra and fuck.. I didn’t know what to say..

I said I don’t keep up on people I don’t talk to anymore…

Anyways I did confirm their house is for sale indeed.. which is good because Charles is probably going to apply for a job back there and if we did move back we wouldn’t want each others children to be involved ever..really..

Bob feels the same way.. least years since I talked with him..

Not sure much has changed..

Bob please don’t tell your Mom not to be friends with my Mom.. because I think they like sharing pictures and whatever.

Plus I think your Mom is super awesome! I miss having her in my life.. she is such a jem.. don’t have her delete my Mom because of our issues..

It’s not a big deal..

I wasn’t expecting to hear my Mother bring up Kendra.. but I’m sure she’s curious why I don’t talk the broad anymore..

But anyways..

Got me thinking if we ever moved back to KS. What would be.. I kind of planned on moving back and I always think how will I react if I see her at Sam’s?

I hope she is moving out of town. I really do..

Just saves us the hassle of awkward moments..

If I ever do return to KS.

Or maybe their moving because that house is full of affair memories.

It was weird seeing pictures of their home on the inside. They still have the same bed she let Squish play on and probably the next day had sex with my husband on.

I saw the kitchen and the living room where we threw Glasses a sweet baby shower. Where we worked together as a team of friends and celebrated together..

Maybe I shouldn’t have clicked on the house.

I think it’s difficult for me to wrap my head around good memories and bad.

And that is exactly what my husband is, any triggered memory his just a tawdry mix of good and bad.. it’s hard.. so hard sometimes.

Well.. I need to unwind as you can tell.. I’m a bit wound..

I read Kelly’s posts and remembered at one point I thought forgiving Charles there were answers to that for me.. way to ease the pain.. then I scrapped that idea because Fuck him.. I hope he’s a tortured soul forever.. and now I’m back around to that idea of forgiveness.

Can I forgive Charles, Kendra?

Can I forgive them both and truly not give a dam if I ever see the vengeance I have wanted to see before me?

And still what would forgiveness look like? Like a slate washed clean because I just don’t operate like that..

Things to think about.. making any decisions or calls is not necessary right now..



3 thoughts on “Bob’s moving..

  1. I just want to say that I am a silent reader of your blog. Most of the times I don’t say anything because I can’t find the right words.

    I do hope someday you are at peace whatever be your deci

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