Anyone seen this Bloom for women on your FB?

Well it’s been on mine and I looked for a bit

They think their material is worth $15 a month

However I get 15 days free to see if it’s worth anything.

They talk about betrayal trauma..

How to maneuver situations with triggers.

I’m dealing poorly lately..

Good news that instead of going on a war-path or ignoring everyone and everything..

I’m doing fucking stuff..

Like ordering a Denali Meal at McDonald’s that was TASTY.. for all my clean eating or anti-fast food I know saying the arches makes you want to barf.. but it was so good!

Okay so eating the arches is not accomplishing much… but I’m going to go mow

The boy’s bedding is done.. the girls is next after Squish wakes up from her nap..

Dishes done..

I’m planning to move all the office/my room stuff out and refinish my hardwood floor without sanding.. I saw a video on Youtube.. I can do it..

Anyways taking the life by the horns.

signed up for that Bloom thing..

going to go make the kiddos a snack and pray before they come in..

Also Corelle has a buy 20 off stock and get 50% can put in a coupon code and get %15 percent off and free shipping on lower 48 states 🙂 I am having mine shipped 😦 but great deal and I love my made in USA dishes and bakeware..

Here’s to the rest of the day.




2 thoughts on “Anyone seen this Bloom for women on your FB?

  1. Curious as to what a Denali Meal is at McDonalds. I’ve been to different McDonalds and it is interesting that they have local fare. When I was on the East Coast you could get crab cakes there.

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