Tomorrow may be betta (better)

I am on our kiddos school board and it was a great meeting.

The people on the board are educators, administrators, and just plain people I want to hang out with.

I feel like I’m on a sugar high with barely any sugar..

Seriously no bags of M&M’s or large sums of cake..

Okay a bit more than one serving of the crisp but I didn’t eat it all!! LOL!

I have to say.. God is right.. (of course I knew that)

But in my anger do not sin.

Also I’m learning to take things slow, especially when I’m all fucked up in the head and sorting things through..

Just do.

Make my bed, brush my teeth, shower, pray.. pray for a little one with cancer, the ones I said I would pray for, the ones who haven’t asked but put them on my prayer board anyway.

Take Care of myself. massage myself more.. drink more water, work on our home..

The More that I’ve been looking for.. I suppose today anyway.

I still miss loving my husband the way I used too.

I miss holding him and feeling safe.

But as much as I’m liking AK I’m missing KS less and less..

So I hope the more I feel well in my own skin the more I will miss him less and less.

I would love for that to be now, but we all know betta!


Precious time..

I’m going to try and finish painting the cabinets tomorrow and will start moving everything in this office out.. to do this floor..

I can do this on my own with no one present in a well ventilated area..

and once this floor is done I will do boys next and then just on to the rest of the house..

The hardwood floors are going to look fabulous..

May have to farm out children to do the main living areas.. but it will work

The husband may be sick so I will have to cancel Sat dinner if that’s the case.

Time for a shower and to brush the teeth and head to bed..

Looking forward to being in my bed tonight..

Till Next Time




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