Mother’s  day

It’s finishing up for me 

Charles accompanied the girls and I to a birthday party on This day and we had fun

He never would have done that pre affair days

The son left church early and bought me fish and flowers 

He even grilled the fish himself 

On his own as Squish and I went to the docks to fish with some friends. Squish and I caught and petted jelly fish 

I have no idea about my Mother’s Day of last year maybe I’ll look back and see however two years ago I got an I’m sorry card from husband everything had come out by that time 

It was terrible 

Last year was better than that

This year was better than last 

Even though I’m not sure how last year went it was WAY better than after dday 

Which I think is a great thing 

I’m happier today not just because I had a good Mother’s Day but because I enjoyed the day

Going to the docks kind of sucked but I saw the good in it and had a great time 

I’m learning to adapt and overcome and I’m happy with the growth

Not hating today or wishing I didn’t have a cheater for a husband 

Just being happy with me 

Planning Squishes 3rd party

And Bells

Getting ready for my Mom to come 

And getting ready to refinish this floor 

Hopefully we put enough work into this house to sell it for more if we ever do move 

 Alright off to take a shower and enjoy the evening

Looking forward to the projects I have in store and to finishing school 

All the graduations have me inspired 

Happy Mothers Day 



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