Charles is a good man..

I told my son this and I do stand by it.

My husband is the worst and he’s pretty awesome too.

Although I just told boy he’s a good man

Such a strange package.

I never wanted to be married to my worst enemy.

Kendra isn’t she’s just a sad back stabber but not my worst..

He is..

Anyways talked with the boy for a few hours just his views on life.

and he thanked me.

Told me I was helpful.

I’m tired but had to write this down.

Raising a teenager is hard..

but I accept the challenge..

I love that boy..


4 thoughts on “Charles is a good man..

  1. I wonder what our kids see when they look at us. I wonder if they see our hurt, resentment, and question the love between their parents. I wonder what they hear us say verbally, with our body language, our eyes, our facial expressions. I am pretty open and real but I am not trying to hide anything. My daughters know the sad, ugly truth and their dad and I have been separated since the moment I found out about the affair. My kids were so secure in their parents love before. The last 3 years have been so difficult for me and for them.

    • I’m pretty sure mine do. They are always watching their mother!! NSA, Big brother gots nothing on my kids LOL!!
      But through the crazy and even the mundane I really believe they know their mother loves them. Charles loves them too.
      And we’re pulling through the stink hole for them. For this family.. not for my marriage, not for our relationship, but for the kids and I think they know that. That besides us this family means ALOT to Charles and I..
      But I think even if we do separate, or divorce they will know the character of their parents, and hopefully know themselves I’d love to know what my children will do.. but I know God’s got a plan for them and for me as well.
      God’s plan for Charles.. I’m not really at a point in my life to really think much about what my husband’s life will entail..
      but I do know God has one for him.. I just like to dwell on God’s plans for me and my kids and I have faith they will be okay ❤ 🙂
      Happy Thursday TA 🙂

  2. Mine know. And they feel sad for us. They recall what in love and intimately connected parents look like. Being older, they remember how we gazed lovingly at each other, how he always liked to touch me, how we would usually be curled into each other late at night. They feel sad we lost it all. But they say they also understand and are grateful we don’t hate each other. That we still work as a team. I hate what we have modelled for them so much. My pain has been obvious, despite my trying hard to rise above it as much as possible. I saw it in my mother. Not to this degree. But I knew. He never saw this pain before. But I see plenty who have still inflict it on others, so I hope my kids behave better and choose partners (if any) that feel the same way. Not too confident that there is a lot of genuine, faithful, go the distance real people out there anymore though. Thought I had one. Idiot.

    • Me too.. The boy knows but I don’t think he quite understands. He knows his Dad slept with Kendra but I’m not sure he grasps the severity of it all.
      He does know things have changed.. but I’m sure it will click for him one of these days. I hope when it does I’ll be there for him.

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