Maintaining a home is ALOT here in AK…

Good grief sprayed for all the mildew now I have to pressure wash..

Then dry..

Then paint..

I am looking forward to this deck being done so I don’t have to worry it will rot and fall to pieces..


I’m sore from that..

And I woke up with a massive headache..

Didn’t do a dam thing this morning

Didn’t even make the bed..

Going to go pressure wash the deck and probably clean the house a bit.

Then off to the library to see if I can hang some of my friends signs up..

The headache that occurred this morning is I think I was stressed with the deck work.

I know NH overthinking.. but I sometimes forget how stressed I become doing new things..

Like not want to wreck havoc on Charles and Kendra! The transition still is very different, to learn, to grow.. all new things..

Even sign up for school.. which for some reason I’m putting off…

I’m going to try and apply for another job.. maybe during the day but the kids will be here.

It’s 19.20 an hour and gotta save that money for Samoa!

So we’ll see

Got more resin coming need to order molds and magnets

Also don’t fall over but getting a birthday present for the husband it’s really practical.. but going to wrap it and everything.. it all has to do with fishing.. so there’s that…

It’s a home fish cleaning table.

Have a great day everyone.. off to pressure wash!!





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