I re-read my last post and thought

I know a few women who are very forthright in telling their name and their husband who had an affair.

I used way too many always, and put us betrayed in a box.. which is the very thing I complained about..

Anyways didn’t want to write the whole post over so thought I’d start a new one trying to correct the latter.

So the last post is wrong in many ways but the ways it was right is.

Being hard on Charles for not being the man I would like isn’t getting me anywhere.

From his level of stupid to where he is now. Is better I guess.. but I don’t have time to analyze his naivety about how he lives his life in accordance with marriage, God, himself.

I’m learning to like me and work with my faults.. on my terms not because I want to be a better wife, or mom

Because I like me and failures, hate, and all.. there is so much to enjoy about myself.

Doing that is important to me..

For sure..



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