Bouncy house 

PmWatching Squish at the bouncy house and lately my dreams have been bothering me

The last dream I had I was going to tell Charles I should leave him 

But I stopped myself 

It was weird like I couldn’t talk

And the other ones just not sure but they weren’t happy

My emotions just like a bouncy house I suppose 

Going to make cookies for a pals open house and keep her company 

Making new friends is fun and I’m glad I don’t have to worry about any affairs going on 

Least not with my husband anyways because really any chic can have him 

Good luck to him and her 

I doubt if Charles wanted to have an affair again he would be truthful and tell me 

I would hope he would though but it didn’t happen 

The first or second time he had a chance he didn’t maybe third times a charm?


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