I got an interview!

I got an interview you guys!!


Okay I know I don’t have the job and I may have to turn it down.. still pretty awesome I think..

It’s a temp job too.. Only 6 months so it will be nice to make that money for Samoa and set some extra aside for some fun for myself and the family..

Like rent a VBRO around here with a deck  and just sip coffee..

But he’s upset..

We talked..

I think sometimes he acts as everything is well between us but he knows they are not.

Anyways super excited about the interview it’s on Monday..

I’m not sure I will take the job..

Him and I have to talk and sort things out..

But I’m excited..



4 thoughts on “I got an interview!

  1. I started working 3 weeks ago… it’s AMAZING. Even better? I was left alone on the second day, nailed it, had three calls of compliments requested via others to the DM, and been asked to interview for full-time, outside sales, which “wasn’t available” when I first interviewed as a SAHM of a gazillion years.

    Mighty women in any circumstances can make mighty strides. And I really love coming home to W washing dishes, after we both get out of work, and him asking what I’d like to do “as a family.” Or if I want to go out on a date. If I get this promotion, I’ll be making as much as he does or more.

    With any other group, I’d be a little leary of the reaction… but here? Nope- I’ll just be blunt: I really, really enjoy his borderline terror. In three part-time weeks, I’ve impressed my superiors enough to be provided a position that makes as much as he does after a decade of me trying to shove him into success (and his half-assed efforts), but with the hours he bitches about NOT having… a job he could stroll into with the experience listed on his resume (from jobs I’ve gotten for him and coached him through) but I’m being offered after 60 hours of work and input.

      • My immediate supervisor praised me AGAIN, on Wednesday, told me that I was a natural at sales, and then said that I need to be more cocky in the DM interview.

        Uh, hello? It takes all I have to not dial it down a notch or 17 when in this sort of position… I'm doing that only because I don't want to seem like a power-hungry byotch within my first month. That's *why* I'm a damn natural and clients love me! My parents met in sales and their parents and their parents and their parents were in sales… and wildly successful at it. I just want to KEEP it, for a change. Give me a damn shot and I'll stop acting like – as my manager described – I'm chomping at the bit during every conference call.

        I got THIS job while halfway through some sort of physical breakdown – wherein I had anaphylactic reactions to EVERYTHING that wasn't water or Benadryl for almost a MONTH. I went to the previously-scheduled, hard to arrange to interview with DM – with a face so swollen and hard – apologizing for my appearance and resulting speech impediments from having a mouth/tongue mostly hardened from paralysis and face almost completely in a square… but holding steady with the help of prescribed steroids.

        I am SO not intimidated by doing it again with a better understanding of the company's history, goals, and corporate infrastructure!

        What's the worst that could happen? I could KEEP the job I have now? haha!

        You're going to do GREAT!!

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