I need to have some fun

BAsically I’m a funny person just don’t know how to have fun person

I am pretty stuck up in the sense of fun

I’m not imaginative and having fun just isn’t something I think about doing

But I need to do it

Have fun

Laundry not fun I can make it fun but not fun

Not sure what I need to do for fun 

I’m picking up the sander for the floor today 

My Dad had taken over the job so that’s nice 

I’m not sure what I can do for fun

But I’m looking forward to finding it

Will Google it 

Like what to do for fun in your thirties and see what I come up with 

Off to make my bed 

Washed the sheets today 

Just thinking about finding fun

It’s a beautiful day and I kind of want to go running

I know I kid it would be a slight limp if I went running LOL!

Do something different and just enjoy my body my life

The boy came back from his camp and looked like he had fun!

Happy Fri-Yay everyone 😊


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