Loving the unlovable 

Yes Charles is in that category 

With Kendra and numerous other people I think are terrible 

Now I’m not saying I want to be BFFs with any of them 

What I am saying is it’s darn hard like the French guy who doesn’t hate the bombers who took his wife’s life

That guy I could take lessons from 

I think that’s why I adore Christ so much because he could

Even having Judad Iscariot play like he loved Jesus 

Jesus knew that little liar snake was among him and didn’t give him up 

It was brought to my attention that I was a blessing today 

And in that moment I thought how if you cross me I will be nothing to you

And how shallow that might seem 

I am many things but a doormat isn’t one of them 

In the backburner of things I still hope Kendra and Charles pay

But really at what price?

What would be a good enough price?

Would they have to walk off a cliff?

Solitary confinement? 

A pound of flesh?

A lifetime of unhappiness? And if so who is going to make sure that happens?

A boxing match with each of them?

Especially coming from a boxer who had a hard time hitting people but could mess up a bag like nobody’s business😢

All of those things seem foolish 

And maybe by loving the unlovable means not thinking about what they are capable of but not thinking about them at all in any context

While I can achieve that with Kendra 

Charles is such a different story 

He’s been out of town 

For the week and I haven’t missed him 

I feel like I’m avoiding things 

I’m letting life pass me by but I also feel like Im going too fast 

I feel like I’m just skim reading my life 

I even skim listened to my son and only got half of what he was saying because I wasn’t full there 

Not sure what is going on with me 

Well here’s to the day and making lunch 

Happy Thursday everyone may it be great!


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