Almost 3 years ago

I was pregnant and married to a cheating asshat…

I was about to give birth to a beautiful baby girl..

I did not think she was very pretty when she came out but I loved her..

very much

I still do.

I am nervous to throw her a party on Sat. one where many friends join in to celebrate her birth.

A party I usually would have had when she was 1 but nope was dealing with the after-math of D-day and his drunken sorry ass..

Sometimes I want to say fucking Kendra.. but really it could have been anyone which saddens me even more because I adored her. He used her as much as he used me.

And that used to make me angry, but now it just makes  me sad.

Progress.. I hope..

Going to pray now.. something I’ve been lacking lately

The patience to be with my Lord, our Lord and just be..

Because all of these moments are precious..

Our boy is almost 14 looking like he’s 21..

He is getting so big..

Well here’s to tomorrow..

Lot’s of errands to run ❤




2 thoughts on “Almost 3 years ago

  1. 3 year old parties are waaaay more fun. 3 year olds get it. 1 year olds are only there for the parents to celebrate. Happy 3rd birthday Squish! I know you have helped save your mother’s life. Have a great one (life) yourself xxx

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