I don’t seem to know 

We apologize ALOT lately

I mean for the simplest of things and I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing 

We are having sex but it’s not a priority for me 

So it’s not a lot 

And I told him it has nothing to do with him 

I’m just changing 

I’m changing how I view sex with him what I like what I don’t like

My thoughts are changing 

Squish’s birthday went so well 

He helped me decorate, shop, clean up

He prayed for me 

We prayed together we laughed 

He brought out the cake and started the happy birthday song 

He smiles and laughs more 

As do I 

He was such a help and joy to the party 

He also is my assistant for children’s church 

Things are doing well in NH land

He has never helped with a party so much and been by my side through every step 

I was grateful for him this weekend 

And I’m enjoying him more 

Well that’s that and here is one of the magnets I’m going to sell 

Happy fourth 



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