Things are going A-to the Awesome and yet there is a creepy feeling..

Who got a great back massage on a Monday morning?

Breakfast when she sleepily awoke from slumber on a busy Sunday morning.

Who got oral to and great romping sex on a Monday morning?

Yes that right Me!!

Who made his own breakfast on a Monday morning and I did not feel the least bit guilty?

Charles did!

You know you guys when things are going so well. Good grief I feel this creepy feeling.. what’s next? is he sleeping around?

Who’s going to die?

And yet it’s this same creepy feeling that our son is almost 14 and what I missed out on. Our girls are so much older and was I kind enough to them?

And I can’t stay with those thoughts long and if I do I have to fight them and give them the boot!

But is dealing with Charles the same way?

He’s super caring about our finances.. You guys do not know how secure I feel about that.

Me on a budget blows.. but me knowing we are growing our bank account? Paying off our mortgage? That he cares too? Feels great.

Things I cared about that he didn’t.. well now he does and he does it with passion.. with the ambition I always knew he had. The kind of energy he should have been spending his energy on instead of being a slutbag and participating with another slutbag.

Feeling pretty darn good.

I am learning to feel secure in God and secure with myself. Now I’ve always been a go-getter of a gal, but my brother and I came to the conclusion we are on some sort of high-level anxiety.

Him  and I are on alert always, but that’s another post..

Anyways just trying to relish and soak in all the goodness..

I told him yesterday I was happy with him today..

He said he was happy too.

What a strange thing I would think to tell a spouse of 15 years.

But with an adulterer spouse it’s what the situation is.

I’m feeling good fellow peeps..

Also the young man I’m raising he’s off to Colorado today, after an adventure in WA.

I miss him.

I think I will clean his room today. I love serving him that way..




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