How do I know if I’m okay with this 

So I texted apologized 

For my behavior I flipped out it was an unnecessary flip out 

I also reacted harshly

So I apologized 

And now trying to sleep in my bed and I miss him so much 

I miss his body next to mine 

I miss his presence

And I don’t like that feeling 

I’m not sure if I’m okay with that

I should be able to sleep just fine without him right?

Or maybe not 

I think that has to be a number 2 complaint besides the cheating partner 

Is the confusion being with an adulterer 

What exactly am I confused about 

Numerous things it depends on the day 

But I think most of my confusion stems with how I’m being treated and if the way I’m being treated is okay and how him and I connect Is that okay?

Meh going to try and get some rest


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