Ugh when he makes a mistake

I hate when I think he should have handled a situation 

And it isn’t handled or I think he mismanaged 

It pisses me off 

Broken communication I thought he was handling it 

And still no confirmation on when his parents are picking up our son 

He tells me this when? 

When its fucking 1am in Colorado!!


And when I feel he’s let me down?

I like fucker 

Not because he had an affair 

Because we don’t have that type of relationship anymore 

When someone is fucking around with your kids schedule and communication is not on point with your kid and other people have your kid 

Well it’s dumb it shouldn’t be that way but it is 

And there’s nothing I can do about it because it’s 1 o’clock in the Midwest

I texted the leaders who have our son 

Texted our son


We were having a pretty good run everyone 

And I’m not even going to say I jinxed it because I did nothing of the sort 

We did not work together on assuring our son was taken care of and it makes me soooooo angry!! But it seems like I did not when he should have 

But on the flip maybe I should calm the fuck down

Yeah I’ll do that 

And get ready for bed 

He’s gone for the next few days 

Squish overflowed the bathtub and was trying to replicate a pool in my bathroom today 

We had a little girl stay the night 

I took care of my end why couldn’t he take care of his?

I’m angry tonight 

But what will that do for me nothing 

How can I turn an ugly situation into not so ugly?

Oh well going to do some exercises and get this place in shape for my Mom coming on Friday

Here’s to tomorrow



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