Don’t put friends or friend’s kids in printed photo albums

like Shutterfly printed albums..

Keep that strictly family..

Because making new shutterfly books where your kids don’t have to see Kendra or her kids.. and stealing your family’s other ones to replace them is expensive but worth it to not have slut bag or those precious kiddos in our photos.

I thought Bob might want the photos of his kids when they were small.. some had our kids in them, some didn’t..

But I just deleted them.. I didn’t need them hanging around.. and besides.. I still have more to go through..

I just didn’t think contacting Bob was a good idea by email or anything.. might seem strange

Because what could it hurt he has his kids photos.. but I have no idea what stage he’s in or what his life is like now.. What if me sending an email puts him in a betrayed fit.. I’d hate to have his healing deterred because I was trying to be nice..

Suppose the nice thing is to move on.. delete the pictures and have my brother photoshop the ones I want to keep.

Slowly but surely the memories of that family in our lives is slowly forgotten.

I doubt the boy will ever forget. Hopefully he will. I know I have a hard time forgetting Kendra and that friendship.

The girls don’t even know who I’m talking about anymore.

And the best part is in the last VBS where the girls have a picture with Jessie.. Jessie is turning her back to the camera..

The girls were asking me who that was that they remember her and I lied to them and said I don’t remember and they just moved on..

I hope I can do that someday and I feel like I am just living life. If I remember a moment with her I am quick to not dismiss it, but turn history around. She was no friend of mine.

She is nothing to me.

I wish my heart didn’t sink into my chest, but it does just writing that.

One day I hope it won’t..



3 thoughts on “Don’t put friends or friend’s kids in printed photo albums

  1. You had a double betrayal, NH. It’s bad enough when some strange woman comes in and wrecks, or tries to wreck, your family. It’s even worse when this person is someone you know, someone who is supposed to be your friend. I hope that one day that wound heals but I’m sure it runs deep.

  2. Ahhh, yes. I am currently going thru pictures to get albums ready for my son’s high school graduation in May. And there these women are, happy, smiling, taunting me. My son is friends with their boys. I was able to throw away pictures where just these women were in them, looking to scan and photoshop them out of the rest. I don’t want to look back years later and see these women being happy now that I know their secrets. It’s hard enough to look at their boys next to my boy and think about how innocent the children are to everything these adults were doing around them…..sigh

  3. It’s just the opposite with me. My children are probably deleting me from the family photos and replacing me with that WTC. If it makes their daddy happy….do it! That’s all that really matters. After all, “mom’s insane.” LOL

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