Off with the schedules!!

I’m better but tired.

Schedules.. more and more of them 14 credits down crap just reminded myself to complete a scholarship application

Yeah going to school.. He is taking Spanish with me.

I know 120 creds in and I don’t have all my Gen Eds.. LOL!!

Hopefully this Fall and next Spring I will be done with Gen Eds FOREVER!!


We’re going to college

Girls are off to school.. BAH!! really?? Why don’t they want to homeschool?? I’m going to miss them SOOOO much

And Squish might be off to Preschool

And boy? Well he’s 1/2 timing homeschool and middle school..

SOOOO.. the life is going to start pretty abruptly as our summer ends first day of school is Wed.

I also have yet to solicit my magnet wares to a store yet.. Why?

I’m not sure.. I suppose I don’t like money.. or I don’t think my wares are good enough anymore.. or I just ran out of steam on that project.. I’m not sure why..

But I want to finish this business at least get into 1 store before the season is over and tourist season is still going.. so let’s see if I can get in there before it’s over..

I remember going to school when my husband was in his affair..

I hate remembering that..

I hope to finish this Bachelor’s and not really ever have to look back at those transcripts or order them again anyway..

Sometimes it’s one of the hardest things for me to do is just press on.. I for some reason still miss what I used to have even if it was crappy..

And I have to move on and press hard into truth and reality..

I recently read somewhere the truth will come out eventually about someone’s character and who they are..

I fell for a complete asshole..

He’s not one I suppose now.. suppose only time will tell for that anyway..

Glad I’m feeling better.. not fully recovered but better ❤




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