To my ex-cheating husband I’m not interested in talking dirty with you in text or even insinuating it

It’s gross!!! I mean if he did that with me before he had an affair I might be into it

But now it’s just creepy 

Sometimes I’m aroused and I’ll text something about what I want to do with him.. Maybe that’s growth maybe that’s me just being a perv

I don’t know but him going there even when we are joking its SOooooo creepy guys 

And I feel bad for him I do 

But I don’t want to send pics of me naked with or without face shots 

I think it would be fun to do with a man I truly loved but not him 

Or maybe I do love him and just don’t have the desire because it’s gross 

Why? I don’t know because he wAs willing to do that with anyone I suppose 

He was willing to slut his body around and it seems gross to want to do with me 

Save that for your slut mentality and all the other slutty spouses but I am not in that club

I don’t feel special 

Suppose It’s like an 80/20 rule 

Or 90/10

He never paid for her like he does me, but that holds little value for me 

He protected her and himself, but not me 

And many would argue that I shouldn’t punish him for his past mistakes 

That freely having sexual texts with your spouse is okay 

Just when it’s to someone outside the marriage it is not 

But not me it doesn’t feel right and yea sometimes I do it to him so he isn’t sure of the boundaries 

And I think that is one of the many difficulties of staying with an adulterer 

Having to figure out boundaries that just come with the territory 

Like you shouldn’t be fucking around period, oh but you did

So now j have to reaffirm every fucking boundary it seems 

To make it clear 

Like I don’t want you sexual texting me it’s creepy 

And I don’t have to give him reasons why we already know 

Which is frustrating and makes me want to run

I can see why so many say clean slate because doing it this way is exhausting..


One thought on “To my ex-cheating husband I’m not interested in talking dirty with you in text or even insinuating it

  1. Lord! Do I understand! We communicated in more of a ‘flirty’ way than outright sexts, I think, prior to the affair. No naked pics. But lots of suggestion. He says he didn’t with her because he made a rule that forbade it. In case I ever saw anything on his phone. I don’t really fully believe that. But I imagine it was not a lot. Because she is a boring bitch. And mostly their sex was apparently surprisingly ‘vanilla’.(His words. Long before 50 Shades…) But yeah. I imagine much worse. I don’t wanna sext. I’m not interested in that with him. Even before deciding it was over. He ruined that fun for me. It felt creepy and desperate, whereas once it was cute, sexy and erotic. Fuckers!

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