A little reminder of the past 

Good grief has it really been almost 2 and 1/2 years since I found this place of WordPress??

Another blogger who left but we met at the same time commented 

And well wow sometimes I forget the relationships I’ve forges here that have long left our blogging space 

I have to say while I always HATE to find another blog of our betrayed masses to be deleted, private, or a sweet nothing to be found 

I love hearing from those who have gone to check in or view those who are still here 😊😊😊😊

I don’t plan on leaving 

Or deleting

I think my only concern is my children finding years of torment if I stay with their father 

Or if I die a quick death from an accident or something 

Our son knows about this place his mother goes he’s quick to not talk about it because I see his face when he does 

That boy loves his Dad and for good reason 

He loves this family and anything that might possibly put an end to it he worries 

Well anyways always good to hear from friends of the past 

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever make a decision 

If I will commit to something or someone 

I’m not a fan of commitment to anyone now except Jesus and NH and I hate to say my kids because to me they are not commitments 

But whatever 

Anyways good news is I don’t feel as lost as I did 

Still a bit of an emotional wreck 

And plans to create my own home gym is in the works

So there’s that 

😊 Happy Tues everyone 


4 thoughts on “A little reminder of the past 

  1. Hang on, I’m 4 years down that road, it does get better as each year passes! You already see the difference those 2 & 1/2 years have made. It may never be the same, but it won’t be as bad! Hugs from your Indy friend, Joan

  2. It will be 7 years in November and while it will always be a part of me, it is such a small part now. I don’t write much anymore, especially about the affair because I fear that always reliving and analyzing it keeps me in the past and keeps the pain fresh. But I still read blogs of those who have been there. Sometimes they bring me peace by the eloquent words or I hope I bring them peace in that I survived and we are a much better couple now.

  3. Hi Lynn! It’s been awhile! 🙂 Glad you are still reading and I’m so thankful for all of my fellow betrayed who have stayed the course for more than I have. You guys help a gal think things may work out okay ❤ ❤ Good to hear from you

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