I got a 70 in College Algebra..

Okay so my GPA is not the best..

But as a few friends have already pointed out C’s still get degrees..

Charles and I have been pretty touchy feely and it’s been nice.

Lately I’ve been struggling a bunch with why I hate him.. or why I don’t like him..

And is it safe to say.. I’m kind of over it..

No.. not over affair..

I doubt I’ll ever be over that.. That was some BULLSHIT.. seriously..

However.. Em wrote her penpal from afar a really sweet note in school about how amazing her life is and you know what?

FML.. I’ve got a pretty rocking life..

And yes while being a SAHM.. I can contribute that to Charles..

I can also give me a FUCKING HI dam.. FIVE!!

I do not take crap.. no I do not.. I won’t ever again.. It’s amazing how I could’ve seen asshats like Charles and Kendra miles away for anyone else but myself.. and now.. I think my asshat pointer is very much on point..

But not in a judgy way like I have some sort of asshat radar..

More like I value myself more. I’m learning to value the gorgeous princess of God that I am..

That I feel confident in loving those who are in my life well except Charles.. he’s still an iffy in the confidence ballpark of NH..

That the more fullness I have in God and truly love Him instead of me that I am protected from asshats. I didn’t grasp the concept when all of this went down I do now. That no asshat can affect me..Because shouldn’t no one be stealing my SPARKLE..

And I let them, because I was neglected, sad, and desperate..

I was running on fumes.. just trying to hold on and then the plug got pulled..

And I was over it all.

Glad I didn’t pull the plug on myself.. Thanks to all of you and to God for protecting me to still be in the race..

Now back to my literary analysis..

Hugs and Sparkle..


Also Books if you ever read this.. Happy Birthday.. I miss you.. I miss our talks and thank you for everything..


7 thoughts on “I got a 70 in College Algebra..

  1. See time does make it a little easier, of course there’s no getting over it, I don’t know what dumb ass said that, probably the dumb ass making money off some poor betrayed spouse, who’s on the verge of suicide! But I digress, it’s been over 4 years for me, will I ever “get over it,” hell no, but I learned to accept that it happened & moved on, after all there’s no way to unfuck that whore once the deed is done!!! As you can see I still have a potty mouth when I think of his ex “landing strip!” But having followed your blog all these years I see a change in you, way to go, you didn’t let them win! A big hug from Joan

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