Homework.. ugh..

Squish’s demeanor has changed and it’s killing me… seriously before school she could buckle herself up and was on a slight potty training incline..

Now.. it’s an argument for every dam thing!! UGH..

Not her fault things are busy and she needs more of my time..

So time I shall give..

I can’t give up on school though.. but I’m so over it.. it’s usually around this time mid day where I’m so over school..

Grades start to drop assignments don’t get in..

I’m tired.. but I’m sure it’s all the halloween candy I’ve been eating during the day that really was supposed to go to the church.. but somehow got opened.. LOL!

Anyways few things I’m feeling.

  1. That I almost lost my family…. I really wanted to die almost 3 years ago.. or kill a few people.. Thanks to everyone that helped/protected me from that happening..
  2. I love serving my family.. like seriously sucking at algebra, not finishing things, not eating only the serving size of chocolate suggested are only a few flaws… but I’m so good at serving my family.. family meaning the collective.. not wifeing 😉 from food to fun.. I so love my family
  3. I almost lost my family not because of Charles but because of me.. sure asshat played a part.. but solely on me  as in my own woman, mom, part of the collective and I feel like such an ingrate for the awesome family that I have and couldn’t find beauty in it.. I see it now and I’m so thankful I do, it’s like a second chance for me.

Alright off to do some English, Sociology, Math, and Spanish..

I’m only taking two classes a semester until Squish is in school it’s just too much..



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