The boy will be 14 soon and I 37

Semester is passing by.. ALMOST OVER..

Good grief and to think that I would be able to muster another fulltime school schedule seems daunting but silly..

Because well classes are just like kids.. what’s one more.. once you have 2, 3, 4.. seriously..

Going to pray over it some more..

Anyways back to the ages.. I cannot believe it..

And I’m sure I’m being biased but we have raised a fine young man..

And I think he’s needing his Momma’s encouragement..

More than anything.. that  we will back him… still like a 6 yr old wanting to run a lemonade stand..

I will back him..

I will help him do what he needs to do..

I don’t think he knows this.. but he will soon.. I really love that kid so much..

Anyways on the marriage part what the hell I left to drop Em off at a party and I stayed the whole time because it was her first time skating and what Mom could just say peace out kid?? I asked if she wanted me to stay and she said yes.

I wanted to clean my kitchen a little more.. but stayed and when I did come home..

Charles had cleaned it for me..

He laughs more..

He plays more..

He cleans more..

He cooks more..

He is all over me more..

sometimes all the touching or even the memories still fuck with me.

Sometimes I still don’t want to be with him and just lay in bed all day..

But the cooking, cleaning, not being an asshat part.. un-fucking-believable… it’s so cool, I’m still surprised by it every time..

Every dam time.

It’s hard getting used to, but it’s also nice to feel blessed.. to feel like someone is looking out for what I need in the moment because while I love the four.. they are not always looking out for their Momma in the way she needs..

It’s weird that he is..

but nice.. sometimes I am pissed about whatever and he’s so nice, kind, understanding..

And I pout seriously.. I do and say it’s so hard to be mad at you when you are so dam nice!!

He just shrugs it off..



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