American Housewife show.. so funny!!

So a supporting role tells Katie

You have raised 3 kids with no nannies, no housekeepers, your life is one desperate episode and still you thrive!

Or she said something like that..

It was funny..

Even thriving being cheated on and having my world completely torn..

Sometimes I feel like some weeping Ophelia..

That will I ever stop talking about it?

The ever tough and cold NH says “We’re better than this we can move on and never speak of this again”

The goth NH says “We shall always speak of the denial we allowed ourselves to be in, to never speak of the tragedy seems to reek of this never happening at all”.

And the the ever growing NH the one who has called out the generational sin in her life and her family’s? The one who has for the past few weeks not lost it on her kids because really her temper and rage is something she has always needed to address..

Just is sad.. I don’t know why.. alot of emotion going on..

Praying for the answers to keep the temper at bay not just about affair but about everything

The eyerolls from the 8 yr old

The attitude from the teenager

The craziness of a 3 yr old

and the good kid as of late.. I feel they get a little left behind because of all the fires we are putting out  with the others..

Oh and school..

I still teeter on a C/D grade in Algebra.

I’m behind in 2 classes..

Learning to work with having a family and school and giving myself the grace to do so.

Going to school and family is not easy for me but is doable.

Taking care of myself while doing all of that is the hard part

Making sure I drink water, shower, floss, eat right, exercise, not eat all the halloween candy and laugh.. laugh alot..

I require alot of jolly laughter..

Well that’s the update for now..

Oh one more thing.. so Charles and I are at this banquet for church and youth and it’s a Hula theme. Anyways there was a mural on the wall that looked exactly like the one Kendra had in her house when she first moved in.

Charles at the banquet mentioned it and I said looks just like one someone had in their basement

He said I don’t know what you are talking about..

Oh and I said that’s okay you probably never made it downstairs..

And I had to close my eyes and say.. this will not fuck with me today..

This will not fuck with me tonight..

And had to move on.. ugh..



2 thoughts on “American Housewife show.. so funny!!

  1. I just want to stop and root you on! You can do this! You can get through the hardships. You can get through school. You can be the best mom for your kids! Maybe you will have to set aside your own expectation and allow yourself to be human, because you are, and quite a lovely human if you ask me.

    I balance full time work and single momming, by creating a space in my brain for school to be my outlet and my hobby. Its taken some time to get there but this has really helped me squash the anxiety and struggle. I have made it a happy place, somewhere just for me, and somehow 2.5 years into non-stop fast track classes I am on the downhill side of my bachelors. I really had to buckle down the first few semesters and finally I had a breakdown. I gave it to God, I prayed that I would find balance and I could find joy in something that is so time consuming, financially straining, and a place where I found so many wounds because all I needed was someone to watch the baby while I read a chapter or wrote a report. I gave it to God. I hope you do the same. I am praying for you. You can do it!

    • Thank you Momrocket your encouragement helped my shoulders ease and remember to pray.. as I’m running off of 3 hrs sleep.. but I wanted to get homework done so the weekend I can take care of the house 🙂
      Will be praying for you too
      ❤ -NH
      I have about 2 years to go to finish.. it's a bit sad.. but I feel if I stick with my plan I will be good to go and have a degree I find value in and can practice while I still am at home with Squish bish

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