I miss having such little ones..

I mean my 8,6,3 are of course huge blessings but the soon to be 14 year old boy is putting a damper on things 

I love this kid.. he just can’t be trusted yet for reasons of his own doing

Also Charles and I kind of got into a bit of honesty because I was angry a Christian organization in town would not accept my Dad to volunteer with them because he doesn’t attend a church regularly

That kind of attitude is why he doesn’t but whatever

There’s another place for my Dad just not there 

Soo.. the conversation with Charles turned south into how I want justice still with him and Kendra 

And really it’s hard because justice on him means suckiness for me if I’m still married to him 

And he hugged me and laughed well as long as you are only thinking about yourself since that’s all that matters 

And we both laughed 

And moved on 

I can be as honest as I want and am not condemned for it

A great thing 


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