The birthday is coming up and I asked him to take the day off

So I didn’t have to have Squish all day by myself.

He has always taken my birthday off, just the past few years it’s been on a weekend.

I asked him to take the day off and I told him we could try the new pizza buffet in town and he was like, with me?

And then I said do you have to make a thing out of it? GOOOSSSHHH..

Somedays I channel my boy and I don’t even realize it.

I’m looking forward to my birthday.

Our finances are taking a big upswing and I’m excited..

I’m getting the attention I’ve always wanted and I’m feeling good.

But I’ve been slacking on my self care

Started drinking more water again think I’ll get back on my strides app. Been slacking in my bible reading too.

Applying for scholarships to help me finish my degree. Not taking anymore classes during the day with Squish bish around Rizzo wrote me a letter now just one more letter to go..

Now off to read my English bookwork I do not want to do..

Here’s to the day




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