Broken dreams

So I failed algebra signed up for it again ugh… bought some huge furniture from a friend next time I must measure all kids are feeling icky..

So the kids were cleaning the living room and found this..
We bought this our first Christmas ornament back in 2002 and seems fitting 

I wanted to throw it away but the kids said to glue it

I had so much love for him then such promise..

I wonder if loving him like that again is possible or just will never be

Like the wedding cards I tore up and threw in the trash

The memories of past with him mean so little to me now it’s strange how much I remember loving him..

3 thoughts on “Broken dreams

  1. I so get it! Last year our tree fell over broke a bunch of baubles, several from our first Christmas. Before DDay I would have been absolutely devastated, last year I was like, who gives a shit?? Sad eh?

  2. Our wedding was in November, we had just built a house, so that Christmas we bought a big new tree and asked our families to only give ornaments for gifts. We even had a theme that everyone stuck to. So the tree and so many of the Christmas tree ornaments I have are from that first married Christmas. 😔. Yay.

    This is my second year of not putting up a tree. (I have no kids, and the dogs don’t care.) If I ever do again, I don’t think it will be that one, and I’ll be using new ornaments.

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