It hits me at the weirdest times

I’m just doing laundry, walking up the stairs and BOOM

I’m thinking 

Charles that fucker how could he watch my baby girl while I was at my brothers graduation and try to put her to nap while him and Kendra tried to have sex in my house

They didn’t finish because Bell kept waking up. So the fucker kept trying to put down our baby for a nap so he could fuck his mistress my backstabbing ex slut of a friend  in our bed across the hall.

He gave our older two to my inlaws and he kept the baby.
Fucker had such a hard time wanting to do anything with me when our kids napped or sent them to the inlaws for a date night with me


I still hate him LOTS at times 


And the best comfort for me is knowing when that little bitch I was married too tried to destroy my family he couldn’t 

I’m too strong for his weak ass 

When he persecuted me, ignored me, condescended me 

I stood tall and loved anyway 

Also God protected me from being married to such a little bitch. I have friends a life outside of him.

Heck even got my own bank account now 

Fuck him..

He’s out of town and coming home today 

He’s all don’t worry I have a vehicle at the airport so you don’t have to come get me

He left and I’ve barely talked with him and I get that

The man is funny 

Because after I saw that I was like

Hmm wasn’t worried at all

Maybe it was looking at my sweet daughters faces at old photos of him in 2013 and seeing that bastard for what he is that has me in spin

No matter 

Alright off to clean this lovely home 

And I think Charles if anything  is pretty funny..

Me worry about him?? So funny

Out of all my worries he isn’t one of them😂😂😂


3 thoughts on “It hits me at the weirdest times

  1. It never leaves. I have the same bolts hit me regularly, NH. But you kick in the guts doesn’t always take my breath away as badly as it used to. Had a weep yesterday I the shower as one of those mind movies tried to bring me to my knees. It sucks. It sucks that we truly loved these men so damn much. It sucks that everything is changed forever because we had the most disloyal bitches for friends. But it sucks that they defiled our homes and our memories with and of our families. Love ya xxx

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